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Personalized Health Care at Its Finest




 Concierge Service

A visit to your Doctor can now be a pleasant experience.

No one likes todayís health care system which causes patients to sit in crowded waiting rooms and forces doctors to make quick visits.  Doctors donít like the situation any more than patients do. Imagine being able to see your doctor without a long wait and not being hurried through the examination.

The Levine Center for Internal Medicine, LLC invites a limited number of patients to enroll in our Personalized Health Care practice through our management team at LLF Management Group, LLC.

Our smaller, more intimate medical practice is limited to a maximum of 600 patients who received amenities including individualized attention with minimal or no waiting time and no hurried appointments.  Leslie Levine, M.D. is able to devote more time to you to discuss your individual needs and concerns to help determine what is best for your health.

Here are just a few of the benefits YOU will enjoy as our patient at The Levine Center for Internal Medicine

         Complete annual physical exam and preventive healthcare assessment

         24-hour, 7-days per week availability by phone, mobile phone, and/or pager

         Same day or next day appointments

         Minimal or no waiting times for routine scheduled appointments

         Availability to reach your doctor, including email consultations and correspondence

         Personalized preventive care and wellness programs

         A familiar, knowledgeable and dedicated staff to give personalized and efficient care

         We coordinate care with excellent specialists


The Levine Center for Internal Medicine, LLC
Personalized Health Care at Its Finest


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